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Students who are part of this program will go through three to four years of education before completion. In Indonesia, there are six different programs for students to choose from, depending on their intended career path. The programs available are agricultural and forestry, industrial technology, business and management, community welfare group, tourism and arts and handcraft. Accreditation in one stream should have equal recognition in the other as well as for access to higher education.

High School Education

Although nearly three-quarters of the country’s senior high schools are public, the proportion of private senior high schools has been growing in recent years. Students enrolling in the country’s limited number of unified junior high and senior high schools (chuto-kyoiku-gakko) are spared the entrance examination. Since reforms introduced in 2010, students have been able to attend public high schools free of charge, while students attending private high schools receive government subsidies. While Japanese students again performed well overall, outperforming the global average in mathematics, when compared with other high-performing Asian countries, Japan’s performance was disappointing. Between 31 percent and 44 percent of students from Singapore, South Korea, and Hong Kong scored at the advanced benchmark for math, compared with just 24 percent of Japanese students.

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Teachers who could speak the local language had no training in its structure or written form. Local languages could lack standardization and their vocabularies might be too limited to cover the curriculum. Lack of dictionaries and grammar books meant that teachers had no guide to the proper use of language and textbooks were the only written material to help students with reading. One solution to these problems has been to allow bilingual instruction and Amharic sections in some schools. Teaching is undervalued and underpaid as a profession and this was not helped by the selection procedure.

  • Under Dutch law, one credit represents 28 hours of work and 60 credits represents one year of full-time study.
  • The paper with the results usually has the scores the students get for each subject, their overall average and the high school at which they have been placed.
  • Curricula are mostly specialized apart from some mandatory general education subjects, such as religion, national history, and Pancasila .
  • This was known as “eighth grade school” After 1900, some cities began to establish high schools, primarily for middle class whites.