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This comprehensive review aims to examine the existing body of research to provide a nuanced understanding of the long-term health consequences of abortion. It is important to note that this review will not delve into the ethical or moral aspects of abortion, as those are distinct and complex debates beyond the scope of this analysis. An educational needs assessment of children with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. When used appropriately, audiovisuals can greatly enhance teaching and add to students’ interest and facilitates understanding of the subject matter in the classroom.

Health Education

Involving students in decisions that impact them can benefit their mental health and wellbeing by helping them to feel part of the school, college and wider community. Among the 22 topics included in the health education lessons are nutrition, hygiene, mental health, reproductive health, immunizations and disaster mitigation. Health and physical education includes subjects such as sport science, health studies, athlete development, food and nutrition, outdoor and environmental studies, and sport and recreation. To date, the extensive research we briefly reviewed above has identified substantial health benefits of educational attainment in most contexts in today’s high-income countries. We outline three critical directions to gain a deeper understanding of the education-health relationship with particular relevance for policy development.

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  • The included studies typically aimed to measure the impact of a research-based course by comparing perceptions of knowledge and skills or research engagement before and after course participation.
  • Health education is a profession of educating people about health.
  • The journal aims to publish high-quality research and critical debate, encompassing the broad range of health education approaches operating at individual, community, organisational and societal levels.

Therefore, HP attempts to target the health of a population and incorporates a top-down approach, whereby policies and strategies are put forward to improve health. As already discussed, health is a global concern, as identified in Health for All by the Year 2000 , which highlighted the need to reduce disease and to promote health. On a national and local level, health authorities and primary care trusts incorporate global strategies and targets. Furthermore, partnerships between different groups can promote health. Traditionally, oral health professionals have focused on preventing oral disease by giving advice on their lifestyle/behavioural aspects, such as smoking cessation. However, this is a reductionist point of view, as behaviour and lifestyle choices are influenced by social factors.