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NBEMS plans reforms for transparency and AFA demands answer key release. Delays in FMGE qualification certificate issuance and admit card release cause stress. TES will help to align support for development of global public goods and co-financing of implementation grants around tertiary education and skills training of the current or imminent workforce. By 2030, our target is to halveLearning Poverty– the share of 10-year-old children around the world who cannot read and understand a simple text. To reach this, we are helping countries build foundational skills like literacy, numeracy, and socioemotional skills – the building blocks for all other learning.

Education News

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– In a fast-changing world, we ensure that our content is always current, relevant, and in tune with the latest trends and developments impacting the education sector. Leadership within the education sector, we explore themes of management, professional development, and organisational culture. Richard Foster-Fletcher explores blockchain’s impact on education, focusing on revolutionising credential verification, lifelong learning and fraud prevention. Maintaining high talent retention during a skills shortage is not easy. Businesses must provide employees with opportunities for learning and development… This article provides guidance for academic institutions on fostering a culture of lifelong learning, emphasising strategies to instil continuous curiosity, adaptability, and skill development among…

  • The Digital Access Divide, addressing opportunities for students and educators to gain equitable access to educational technology, including connectivity, devices, and digital content.
  • Researchers have developed a weeklong high school curriculum that helps students quickly grasp concepts in both color chemistry and artificial intelligence — while sparking their curiosity about …
  • The Inflation Reduction Act’s “direct pay” provision allows tax-exempt entities like schools to receive federal tax-free cash payment for qualifying projects.
  • MAT is conducted by the All India Management Association for admission to over 20,000 prestigious management seats in top-tier colleges nationwide.