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    Georgia lawmakers eye allowing criminal charges against school librarians over sexual content of books

    Education News

    They’re taught in Hebrew and Arabic, in a program unusual in Israel for integrating students of different backgrounds. January 31, 2024 • The department needs extra time to fix a mistake that could have hurt lower-income borrowers, but the delay means all students will have to wait longer for their college aid offers. She wants to study business and computer science in the United States or Canada but is worried the absence of face-to-face classes “may undermine our chances to score well in the exams and as a result my place at universities I have applied to”. She has never met the six-year-olds and the students – from countries including China, India, Indonesia and Singapore – have only ever seen each other through a screen thanks to the pandemic. Support for teachers to address learning loss, including through digital technology.

    • “One of my college freshmen’s fun fact was that she’s a public pooper.”
    • Utah Gov. Spencer Cox recently urged school leaders to support policies halting cellphone use during class time.
    • International students earning degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields in the United States will now be eligible to stay for three years of on-the-job training.
    • A law scholar