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    It’s a pathway to economic opportunities, better health outcomes, a catalyst for innovation and progress, etc. Launched in 2020, theAccelerator Programworks with a set of ‘Accelerator’ countries to channel investments in education and to learn from each other. The program coordinates efforts across partners to ensure that the countries in the program show improvements in foundational skills at scale over the next three to five years. These investment plans build on the collective work of multiple partners, and leverage the latest evidence on what works, and how best to plan for implementation. Supporting countries in establishing time-bound learning targets and a focused education investment plan, outlining actions and investments geared to achieve these goals.

    Education Definition

    A health educator’s work environment is as varied as the communities they represent. As the role involves assessing the community’s needs in terms of health and well-being, the breadth of the role will depend on the community’s needs. To maintain certification, health educators need to commit to 75 hours of professional development every five years on top of their workload.

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    For each stage of development, the child forms an age-related view of reality. I’m so glad we continue to honor this woman …