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    Biden administration cancels $1.2B in student loans with new repayment planPresident Biden starts notifying more than 150,000 student loan borrowers enrolled in the Save plan that their debts — totaling $1.2 billion — have been forgiven. An Australian-first ranking system has revealed which universities are the best for student satisfaction, research performance, global reputation, career outcomes, and equity and access. It means a total of 927,689 laptops and tablets have been delivered or dispatched to support pupils to access remote education since the scheme to provide devices for children from disadvantaged backgrounds began.

    • Teachers Win Right to Disconnect It’s now OK for education workers in Qld and NT to have personal time.
    • The bill acknowledges the social and educational backwardness of the community as highlighted in the Maratha survey conducted by the Maharashtra State Backward Class Commission .
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    • Black students and their allies at campuses around the country are demanding change.

    The U.S. Supreme Court on Feb. 20 declined to hear a challenge to an admissions plan for the selective high school that was facially race neutral but designed to boost the enrollment of Black and Hispanic students. …