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    You’ll explore best practices for instruction and assessment, and learn how to work with diverse student populations, including English language learners. Learn the importance of equity and social justice, which are woven throughout your study. Throughout, you’ll bring creativity and self-reflection to all you do, working with your faculty to co-construct new knowledge and practices. The British International School, Riyadh teaches from foundation one to high school. Over 80% of its students are British nationals, and the school follows the British curriculum. According to the Saudi Ministry of Education, Saudi women’s undergraduate enrollment rates surpassed those of men in 2015, with women comprising 52 percent of all university students in the kingdom.

    • They may help implement the preschool/school curriculum at home or provide a curriculum of educational games designed to improve language, development and cognitive skills.
    • This system of graduation solely based on attendance further devalues a South Korean student when being evaluated for university admission in Western countries, especially as many are phasing out entrance examinations.
    • Beside this a student on HAVO can choose geography, business economics (micro-economics) or a foreign language.
    • In that case, the student will not be graded and will be awarded Grade X. This grade