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    KINDERGARTEN: Journal of Islamic Early Childhood Education

    Education Kindergarten

    Learning in our Playgroup and Kindergarten classes is through a mixture of teacher-directed and child-initiated activities. Well-planned play both inside and outside, is a key way in which young children learn with enjoyment and challenge. Play based learning gives children opportunities to explore, observe, hypothesise, question, and discuss to clarify their understanding. We also provide daily opportunities for children to develop early reading, writing and number skills with creative and imaginative adult support. Once enrolled in kindergarten, your child will learn basic concepts like reading, writing, math, science, time, shapes, and more. These skills will form a foundation for learning future concepts in each subject.

    Education Kindergarten

    Thus, attending kindergarten can help them settle in primary school later on with motivation, confidence, and a love for learning. As their friendships develop throughout their kindergarten program, your child inevitably learns how to interact with others with care, empathy, respect, and cooperation. They grow with their peers and begin to adopt new social habits such as taking turns, communicating their needs and ideas, and more. As a result, they become more emotionally resilient through their exposure to other children, social experiences, and emotions.

    How to Become a Kindergarten Teacher

    All of our kindergarten math …