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    The study of early childhood education in China has been intimately influenced by the reforms and progress of Chinese politics and the economy. It has been found that China’s kindergarten education has dramatically changed since 1990. In recent years, various Western curricula and pedagogical models have been introduced to China, such as Montessori programs, Reggio Emilia, Developmentally Appropriate Practice , and the Project Approach.

    • Kindergarten is the perfect time to start building early reading skills, and our kindergarten sight words games will give your child a big head start on the road to literacy!
    • Highlights magazine always makes me nostalgic because it was the first “real” magazine subscription designed specifically for kids.
    • Year 1–3 are classified as Level One while Year 4–6 make up Level Two .
    • Get the Printable Squirrel Behavior Tally Sheetand invite kids to count the common squirrel behaviors they notice.
    • Their motor abilities are advanced and their logical thinking should develop more, enabling them to solve more difficult problems and challenges.