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    Our ability to pay attention to tasks—a key component of our everyday lives—is heavily influenced by factors like motivation, arousal and alertness. Debunking, ‘prebunking,’ nudging and teaching digital literacy are several of the more effective ways to counter misinformation, according to a new … Phonetic information — the smallest sound elements of speech — may not be the basis of language learning in babies as previously thought. A team of researchers are encouraging us to swap textbooks for games, as they drive the application of games in learning, engagement and … To encourage fruit and vegetable consumption among youth, experiential food education programs such as gardening and cooking lessons have increased …

    Education News

    The initiative is aimed at boosting early childhood education, the Minns government said. From today onwards, students will be told to hand their phones in at the start of the day. Angry parents are fighting back after a Melbourne council introduced plans to shut childcare centres in the lead-up to Christmas.

    UK university apologises for ‘incorrect’ social media post confusing Sikhs with Muslims

    Primary school completion rates across the region between 2000 and 2022 rose from 52% to 67%. Yet this has never been a stated goal of …