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    Mythbusters: Truth Behind Jewellery Valuation Myths

    Bespoke jewelry designer Jonne Amaya uses the word “metal-prominent” to explain her work, which is the antithesis of a classic prong-set diamond ring—a fitting term to encapsulate the pattern. Like inlay, enamel is one approach to experiment with lots of shade with out breaking the bank. Plus, while gemstones must be sourced, designers can create their own custom enamel shades to satisfy the visions of their inventive universe.

    • They know that younger customers usually tend to spend their time and cash in commercial complexes with their various leisure and dining options.
    • In addition, numerous design homes will be showcasing excessive and fantastic jewels utilizing pearls on the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, when this portion of fair opens Wednesday (but that’s another story).
    • After a renovation by the leather-clad architect Peter Marino that debuted final April, 58 pieces that he selected by major artists — many of them blue, or silver, or each — now fill the 84-year-old building.

    And most of these optimists are from high-tier cities where competition is fierce. Survey results show 73% of our respondents consider that their cities already have sufficient gold jewellery retail shops, or even have too many. The rise of “Guochao” …