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    The emergence of Islamic state in Indonesia is noted by the acculturation of Islamic and Hindu-Buddhist traditions. At this time, pondok pesantren, a type of Islamic boarding school was introduced and several of them were established. The location of pesantren is mostly faraway from the hustling crowd of the city, resembling the location of Karsyan. Whether parents or other adults should be able to ban books from high schools and libraries is intensely debated.

    High School Education

    International schools also vary in size in Switzerland, ranging from a few hundred pupils on one site to more than 4,000 spread over several campuses. These are typically day schools – which teach full days, including lunch – and boarding schools. This is often the best solution for families who are only in the Netherlands for a short period, or if their children are already older.

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    The education gap between rural and urban areas is maintained throughout secondary school as well. Upon completion of a nine-year program the student has a choice of either completing the remaining two years at normal school, or of a transfer to a specialized professional training school. Historically, those were divided into low-prestige PTUs and better-regarded technicums and …